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Expat Life in Varanasi

Varanasi is a popular destination among foreign tourists for many reasons. Some go there to attain spiritual enlightenment, some to learn classical Indian music and some others just to experience the intense ancient city of life & death. And yet some others go on to live the timeless Expat Life in Varanasi. Whatever be your reason, there […]

The Charisma of Varanasi

Tourists go places and visit attractions. But what do you do when you land in Varanasi? Cities have attractions to go to. But Varanasi itself is a massive attraction; of course with more attractions within the city. The moment you set foot into the streets of one of the world’s oldest living and India’s holiest […]

Volunteering in India

Volunteering in India – or any third world country –  is something quite popular in the West, which is why I decided to share my experience with those of you interested, even though theoretically speaking I did not volunteer, I did an internship with an NGO. Now I don’t know about you, but the images […]

Nearly Robbed (in Thailand)

This travel safety story – Almost Robbed (in Thailand) – is staged on the island of Koh Lanta, situated in the Krabi province of Thailand. The occasion was my 30th birthday. I was honeymooning with my newly-wedded wife, Cristiane.   Honeymoon It had been a perfect day – the night before we stayed at the Twin Lotus Resort (highly […]

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